REVIVAL AUDIO ATALANTE 3 First Impressions, by Carlos Moreira - my HI-FI HOUSE

Hi Pierre and Jacky,

I´m not a reviewer and maybe cannot give you what I feel listening to Atalante 3, but let´s try...

Amplification was by Leben CS300xs and Enleum Amp 23R (we change to listen both).
Source was Silent Angel Z1 v2 + Matrix dac.
They are easy to drive and excellent with both amplifiers (Leben 15w, Enleum 25w)

First thought in my mind, Presence, sound real as they are playing here in the room, also three persons that already hear them had the same feeling.
Sound natural without any compression, sound cover all wall behind the loudspeakers.
OHH they are fast!
OHH incredible soundstage, you look at the loudspeakers and seemed they are not playing all sound behind and large and deep.
Timbre accuracy, voices and instruments sound real.

Don´t like to speak about treble and bass, music is not that, in this room with 19m2 I and others, feel a lot of pleasure listen to them, one customer/friend stay for 4 hours listening to music last Saturday that tell everything. And yes, bass is clear and very well defined, fast, and never hide the clarity of voices or what we call midrange.
Excellent separation (air) between instuments,as they are fast and incredibly low distortion excellent music transients, showing tiny details in the music.

Now about look, they are beautiful, nice ratio size, a lot of technical innovations that contribute for is amazing performance.

All well above the asking price if I were a reviewer, I will give Atalante 3 6 stars
(But please don´t raise the price after my comments)

I have here others good bookshelf loudspeakers to compare, but Atalante 3 win to them all.

So, if someone have a medium room 15m2 to 30 m2, search end here with Atalante 3.

Bigger room? I think Atalante 5 will be the answer.
I will report about Atalante 5 as soon I receive the stands.

Best regards,

Carlos Moreira

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