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"E40 would make an excellent one-box solution for someone who is dipping their toe into high quality music listening, someone who has a small space, or in an infallible desktop system. For many the E40 can get a music lover off the merry-go-round of trying every affordable integrated amplifier under the sun in desperation to approach the same sound quality of a true High-End system."
07-30-2019 | By Michael Zisserson | Issue 104 positive-feedback

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Silent Angel

Hi-Fi Streaming inovador.
Componentes de qualidade para
redes residenciais de streaming

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I haven't heard such an open sound for a long time - not from the devices I tested.
Wojciech Pacula - - 01/07/20

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Já disponíveis na my HI-FI HOUSE as excelentes
Telas de Projeção SEEMAX com a melhor relação
qualidade-preço do mercado!

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"Undoubtedly, JVC is in the field of video projection what Ferrari is in the world of automobiles, the ultimate weapon.
I don’t know of any other projector that has so many quality setups in the difficult technical part of the 4K HDR. The N5 allows the user to set up his personal home cinema and to set it up in the area to the needs of the space as well as to his personal tastes.
Well done JVC…"
Nikos Tsola-

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