A minha Casa da Música - my HI-FI HOUSE

I don't know Casa da Música, it is far away and has never been provided, but those who have been there say that it is a charming house.

However, I know my music house, there on 5 de Outubro, known as new avenues in our capital, where by chance I went on the advice of an old acquaintance of the host.

I had the pleasure of finding sympathy and "know-how" and whenever I entered, I heard music that made me vibrate, I came across several people there and always with that same interest, music.

No one would say that from that cramped, but surely well-designed space, those chords to take your hat off could emerge, whether from blues to rock or jazz to soul, always with the same emotion.

By this time I would have in my house a small set of musical equipment that I liked and enjoyed listening to them play, a turntable, an integrated amplifier and speakers, nothing out of this world, but they still played well.

One day I decided to take my amplifier to my music house, on the advice of listening to it and two or three others, for comparison purposes and then I realized that there were others who played and above all one who sang.

It was even the most unsuspecting of all, of spartan design and unknown brand, but what to say against it, I think nothing because if it was this one who sang and who still sings in the living room of my own house, assisted by a box that I also chose in my music house after auditioning about three pairs and that I refrain from classifying, I just can't get tired of hearing them sing here in my living room.

Then I saw my house of music always being transformed for the better and even the birth of a second place of musical worship, in a small crossroads of that one, but with spaces that allowed the evolution of what was already exceptional in itself.

I visited this second space at an embryonic stage, but where it was already possible to see the care with which the new rooms were being born and where I could witness the emotion transmitted by the music that was already singing there.

Now the worst of it all is that I heard that in this new space, now optimized, there would be enchanting music and having received an invitation to visit it, I don't know what my reaction will be, I'm even afraid, but I decided to accept.

I am convinced that like some who visited Casa da Música and were enchanted, I will leave my house of music equally enchanted.

Author : Our client and friend, Pedro Maximino .
Casa da músicaMy hi-fi house

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