Privacy Policy

The security of your data and privacy are also our priority. We keep all your elements safe, always with the greatest discretion, transparency and respect. Below is a description as clear as possible about how we collect, store and process your data, as well as your Rights, according to the General Data Protection Regulation - Regulation 2016/679, of 27 april.


    my HI-FI HOUSE clearly requests its customers, in the account registration process, the following elements:
    • Name and surname;
    • Email address;
    • Access password.

    These data are necessary to register on the site, to access the purchase functions and other features, as well as the real identification of the registered person. If you make a purchase, we also need the following:

    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Address (Street and floor, or House with a clear identification, City, Postal Code and Country)
    • Telephone
    • VAT Identification Number.

    These information help to speed up the process of shipping and paying your orders.
    a) Gender - information necessary to identify contact prefixes (Mr., Mrs., Ms.) and can be used to select the presentation of products and/or promotions focused on a target audience;

    b) Name and Surname - mandatory information used for identification and in contact with the customer (by email or telephone contact, if necessary), in addition to being crucial in the processing and sending of orders (order labels) and use in billing processes (issuing invoices, receipts, etc.);

    c) Date of birth - information used essentially for legal control of customer eligibility (minors are not allowed to make purchases), and can also be used in the selection of product presentation and/or promotions focused on a target audience;

    d) Email address – mandatory information, being the element of unequivocal identification of the customer, also serving as a preferential mean of contact between the my HI-FI HOUSE and the customer for ordering and sending products, in addition to clarifying doubts or information; if the customer expresses this desire in the registration process, in the form's own field, the e-mail will also be used to send newsletters and/or promotional campaign e-mails;

    e) Access password - it is an exclusive customer key, mandatory, stored on our servers in an encrypted form, and to which we do not have access, as it serves only as a secure key to access the user's account;

    f) Full address - information necessary for sending orders (identifies the customer, being printed or written on the packages or envelopes) and can also be used to fill out invoices/receipts;

    g) Telephone - used only for urgent direct telephone calls (by call or SMS) or as a way to speed up order processing (information about the occasional unavailability of products in express orders, payment errors, clarification of problems, etc.);

    h) VAT Number - optional information only to fill out invoices and/or receipts, when informed/requested by the user;


    Contact Forms available in request to fill in 'name' and 'e-mail', which are used exclusively for identification on e-mails sent - these data are not stored in Base Specific data nor used for any other purpose, nor are associated with accounts or other elements. These data sent via contact forms are only kept in the email server history, for one year, after which they are deleted.


    The data collected in this form are used to send newsletters and/or emails about promotional campaigns. They will be added to a database for this single purpose, and the customer can request its removal at any time.


    For registered customers, all information associated with online orders (articles, prices, VAT, delivery addresses, dates, different order status, etc.) are stored in a Database, always accessible to the customer, on the 'Personal Account' page. This Purchase History serves as a reference in solving possible problems. The purchase information for each customer may also be processed to generate selection of product presentation and/or promotions focused on a target audience.

    The Shopping Cart is a virtual system for storing items for the purchase. The items added to the Shopping Cart are registered in the Database and remain for each customer associated with their Shopping Cart until it is removed. This process aims to help the costumer during the selection and choice of articles throughout the various possible visits to the site. If the customer has authorized the use of e-mail to send newsletters, the system may periodically send an e-mail warning about products pending in the Shopping Cart.


    The Shopping Cart also allows the storage of products to unregistered visitors. In this case, no personal data is stored or associated, and that selection of the Shopping Cart is only maintained during a visit session, in server memory. They may also be stored temporarily (within a maximum period of one year) in small files of the Visitor's browser (Cookies), in order to streamline the visit and the visitor's selection process.


    Data such as time and date of access to the website, pages visited, time spent browsing pages, selected links, country of origin of the visitor or other details of visiting the website may be collected. These data are entirely anonymous, not associated with any visitor or registered customer and are used only for studies of general preferences and behaviors, aiming at adapting the site to visitor trends or other improvements.
    As a way of storing, communicating or acquiring data, small text files may be used in the user's browser called Cookies. For more accurate information about Cookies, see the Terms and Conditions.


    Accounts of customers under 18 are not allowed. If existing the register of these kind of accounts they are deleted as well as all data.


    Some data may be considered more sensitive, namely the type and quantity of items purchased. However, the collection of this data is essential for the correct complete processing of orders. We compromise to keep these data, as well as all others, safe and discreetly.


    All the above personal data, whether manual customer information, or automatic regarding purchased products, views, means of payment, metadata collection, e-mail and other interactions with the website are stored in secure databases, only with access via the online platform and by duly authorized, accredited and identified users. Personal and private data and all electronic mail are kept in an exclusive Database of my HI-FI HOUSE. Metadata collected via the Google Analytics is kept on a Google server, with exclusive access of the my HI-FI HOUSE administrator.

    All virtual data are fully electronically protected, including data encryption between server and customer equipment.
    Regular backups of all data are performed in order to prevent data loss. These backups are encrypted and kept in a safe place and inaccessible to unauthorized persons.
    Paper support data may be created in the following circumstances:

    • Name and address labels for order packaging - accessible to the carrier and recipient name;
    • Printed receipts containing name, address (and VAT number) - accessible and addressed only to the customer;
    • The name and address labels and invoices/receipts are only for the customer, who decides the destination. Any printed copies are then destroyed after sending the order.


    All personal data obtained directly or indirectly through this website will be used only and exclusively by my HI-FI HOUSE, and the access and processing of personal data is only performed manually when necessary for the correct execution of customer orders.

    Automatic data processing may happen under the following circumstances:
    • Metadata (anonymous) may exist for statistical purposes only;
    • Individual purchase history or products pending in the Shopping Cart can be analyzed to generate personalized e-mail contacts (if the customer has authorized the use of e-mail for marketing actions);
    • Individual purchase history can be analyzed for bonus calculations for customers, gift cards or other promotions;
    • E-mail can be automatically used to send newsletters or other promotional actions (if the customer allowed the use of e-mail for marketing actions);

    Manual processing may occur in: Order processing; Editing or deleting data at the request or direct intervention of the customer.


    No data are given to third parties. However, third party tools are used as an essential means of data processing and treatment, namely:

    • Anonymous data are sent and processed to Google Analytics servers, for the sole purpose of statistical treatment and analysis;
    • Billing data (name, address, VAT number) are stored in the billing system - an essential process for complying with tax rules. These data are entered and manipulated by the employees of the my HI-FI HOUSE (duly authorized and accredited) and only they have access to them and only when strictly necessary. These data are also communicated to TA (within the scope of the tax obligation)
    • Name and e-mail can be used to send direct communications (when duly authorized by the customer) through an e-mail marketing platform (mailChimp, E-goi, etc.), remaining until the customer removes it.
    • Data such as name, purchased items and values can be shared with payment platforms (PayPal or others), being necessary for the correct processing of payments, and the customer is dully informed of this.

    Only duly authorized employees of the my HI-FI HOUSE may access the customers personal data. Occurring only and exclusively when necessary and is always carried out through platforms with access control and registration. In what concerns paper data, they are filed in a restricted space.


    my HI-FI HOUSE will not use contact details for marketing actions, unless explicit customer information in the registration process, authorizing the use of an email address for manual or automatic sending of newsletters or personalized contacts about product updates, promotions or other information.


    We do not collect or store bank details, cards or other payment options.

    • Payment by bank transfer or ATM reference is customer and bank institution only responsibility. We are only informed by the customer or the bank, of the operation informing the holder, date and amount;
    • PayPal or similar institutions/companies payments are their responsibility and the customer’s. We only register and associate with each order, the date and form of payment. Some data may be shared with these companies for the correct payment process, as mentioned above.


    According to the Customer’s Rights, we will always and at any time try to treat personal data with the greatest transparency, loyalty and with the greatest possible security.

    Customer always has access to Visualizing, Changing, request for Limitation of Treatment, Portability or Elimination of his personal data contained in the files of my HI-FI HOUSE, through the Personal Account interface or, if necessary, by e-mail request to:

    15. DATA

    For any doubts about our Privacy Policy or any other question, please contact us, and we will be happy to clarify, as well as resolve any problem.