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Dali Oberon 3

"The larger stand-mount DALI OBERON 3 brings the best of both worlds. Combining the large sound of a floor-standing speaker with the compact design of a stand-mount. The ultra-lightweight 29 mm soft dome tweeter seamlessly integrates with the 7″ wood fibre woofer for impressive highs, detailed and crisp mids and surprising coherent and well-timed bass. All in all the OBERON 3 is a true showcase of DALI ideas, traditions and inventions – all wrapped in an elegant and modern design." Editorial Staff - bestofhighend.com

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Intuitive and easy to use, MOON ACE is Roon Ready and allows playback of all major file formats, including DSD and MQA (via local files and TIDAL Master files). It also has passthrough for Home Cinema.

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"E40 would make an excellent one-box solution for someone who is dipping their toe into high quality music listening, someone who has a small space, or in an infallible desktop system. For many the E40 can get a music lover off the merry-go-round of trying every affordable integrated amplifier under the sun in desperation to approach the same sound quality of a true High-End system."
07-30-2019 | By Michael Zisserson | Issue 104 positive-feedback

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The excellent SEEMAX Projection Screens with the best quality-price ratio
on the market are now available on my HI-FI HOUSE

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KECES S300 Power Amplifier

"Considering its immaculate performance on all fronts, I’m honored to award it our highest Golden Award, it really deserves one. Congratulations to the team"
Sandu Vitalie - SOUNDNEWS

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A minha Casa da Música - my HI-FI HOUSE

"A minha casa da música"

AcústicaCarlos Moreira
A sala: O verdadeiro elefante na sala. Como tudo na vida, o espaço onde ouvimos música está sujeito a compromissos.

A sala: O verdadeiro elefante na sala

AcústicaCarlos Moreira