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Say Hello to SPRINT!
Reimagining What A Speaker Can Do.

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"E40 would make an excellent one-box solution for someone who is dipping their toe into high quality music listening, someone who has a small space, or in an infallible desktop system. For many the E40 can get a music lover off the merry- go-round of trying every affordable integrated amplifier under the sun in desperation to approach the same sound quality of a true high-end system." 2019-30-07 | By Michael Zisserson | Issue 104 positive feedback

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silent angel

Innovative Hi-Fi Streaming. Quality components for home Hi-Fi streaming networks.

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Norm Revo IPA-140

The Norma IPA-140 is like a beautiful musical instrument.
It exudes texture, refinement, musicality, delicacy, ambience,
scale and accuracy to a truly high standard.
stereonet, 08/20

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The excellent SEEMAX Projection Screens with the best quality-price ratio
on the market are now available on my HI-FI HOUSE

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