SPENDOR A2...Uma pequena Grande Jóia escondida no mundo do Áudio.

Real World Review by SPENDOR A2, by a happy customer.

Spender name given to this English brand, which derives from the name Spencer and Dorothy, founders who gained their experience in building loudspeakers at the BBC, and it is no wonder that the company's portfolio has been and still has compact speakers for monitors based on classics from the British radio company, whose legendary BC1 monitor is a well-known example in the audiophile world.

That said, I'll tell you a little bit of my story and how I got here. For me the “British” sound as I call it, has always been a preferred choice simply because my ears have always preferred it, among many brands and systems made around the world, the typical warm sound of a HiFI system made in England has that special touch that warms the heart. ...

Since my system is completely made in England and has high quality components, and without flaws... I decided after 20 years to make a change to my system, “that strange thing that happens to all audiophiles, that everyone knows and no one can explain ..” I don't know if because of age... I wanted more scale in my system, keeping the definition, linearity and timbre, keeping the stage big and full, but a stronger bass without excesses, wrappings, or distortions.

And here began the adventure that I confess was driving me crazy.. “after overcoming with a lot of commitment and skill, the great obstacle in these things, which is called Wife...” within the budget I was willing to invest, I started to investigate, I read everything there was, I saw everything that was possible, I asked the supposed experts for their opinion, learning a lot, until in the midst of many voices someone just said... you'll want something else” he added.... the list was reduced to 2 brands... one I've always trusted and another unknown to me Spender.

That voice doesn't get out of my head, and the Universe conspires and when it's like this, we are taken.... the choice was made "Spendor"

The choice was based on the criteria and dimensions of the dedicated room, which is a very important aspect to take into account, so that the results are as expected. And it was here after a careful analysis by Carlos that the A2 model was suggested for a rectangular space with 14 m2.

By this time I had already read everything about Spender and I knew that the A4 were the winning speakers, the A2 proposal was a surprise but I trusted those who know, and today I am very proud of the choice I made. We are talking about a model that I call “probably the smallest floor column in the world...” with only 80 cm H by 15 L and 26 F, 2 150mm polymer bidirectional lanes and a 22mm dome, I started to shake everything was smaller compared to what I had. But the “voice” said, “take it easy, size in columns doesn't mean anything...”. in short:

Impressive the result, my system considered vintage today simply ceased to be, thus guaranteeing hearings for many more years. The sweet and lively shape, clear and defined, the linearity, the timbre, the clear and defined voices, the spectacular bass without exaggerations or distortions, superb stage MUCH ABOVE THE SIZE OF THE SPEAKERS, well detailed instruments, without any effort in any style of music or format, whether on CD, Digital or Vinyl, with a scale level that leaves anyone with their mouths open, they actually place the A2 as a Rare Gem in the Hi-Fi World. With high quality construction and top quality materials and finish (real walnut veneer), all handcrafted in England.

The A2 guarantees a balanced and deep reproduction in my room, all much more than the size suggests. I was just thrilled.

And so I discovered my Gem....you can discover yours. Good auditions.

Technical data: Room 14m2, with sufficient configuration and damping.

System: Planar 2 Rega, Planet CD player, Hal Preamp, 2 Exon Monoblocks, Rega Dac.

Wiring: Qed and Rodfig.

Oscar J Esteves, 2021

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